Chronic Pain Management Care In Parmelia, WA

Pain is a complex protective warning signal. Just like the petrol light on your car, the experience of pain is our body’s way of notifying us something wrong. If you have been experiencing pain for a long period of time, the nervous system can remain active, continuing to send the warning signals, even when the initial injury has resolved. This will result in pain being felt continuously or during activities that aren’t necessarily causing any trauma or damage.

Feeling pain for a long period of time can cause a downward spiral of pain avoidance behaviour; feel pain, avoid activity, decondition, feel pain doing less, avoid more activities, become even more deconditioned etc etc. Physiotherapy can help get the pain under control and gradually increase the body’s tolerance to movements, positions and sensations so the pain response isn’t elicited so readily. Physiotherapists will use a range of treatment options to assist with the pain while gradually and carefully teaching the patient how to move, guiding patients through an effective restrengthening program.

Physiotherapy can help get the pain under control and get you moving again.

Common conditions we treat:

  • chronic lower back pain
  • non-specific chronic lower back pain
  • chronic neck pain
  • chronic knee or hip pain
  • chronic anterior knee pain
  • chronic shoulder pain
  • chronic tennis elbow

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