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Occupational Physiotherapy Services In Parmelia, WA

The physiotherapists at Parmelia Physiotherapy have spent years working closely with local businesses reviewing manual handling, performing ergonomic assessments and guiding injured workers back to their roles safely.

Remember the cringe worthy phrase “prevention is the best medicine”? As cliche and cheesy as this statement is, it couldn’t be more true. With an in-depth understanding of the human anatomy and how the body moves, physiotherapists are a great resource for any workplace to review ergonomics and manual handling injury risks.

Most workers will know how to perform a lift safely, and yet they will admit they rarely lift in that way. This can be due to time restraints (“it’s quicker to do it by myself, than asking someone else to help”), or the ‘ideal’ lifting technique is not practical for that task or environment. Through reviewing processes, manual handling tasks may be eliminated or changed to reduce the risks staff are taking. Sometimes it may be a case of educating staff as to WHY it is important to follow protocol so corners aren’t cut.

Our occupational physiotherapy service ranges from injury prevention to injury management and return to work provision.

People who work in roles that are physically demanding, often see their job as their source of exercise, performing close to their physical capacity at work – day in, day out. Working when your body is fatigued is a huge injury risk. Workers need to maintain strength and physical capacity that well exceeds their requirements at work otherwise an injury is more likely.

This holds true for the desk jockeys that spend hours on end at a seated workstation without postural breaks. Ever heard the saying “the next position is the best position”? The ‘ideal’ ergonomic setup is only going to reduce the loading of the body, so the position can be tolerated a bit longer. This is all dependent on the individual’s proximal stability (core strength). Good work practices such as frequently changing position and getting out of chair is going to be just as effective/if not more than any seat position or monitor height change.

Our insight and experience on worksites, plants and offices, enables our physiotherapists great insight in providing not only pain relief treatment, but a structured and graduated return to work service. We specialise in treating injuries from the acute phase (when it first happens) right through to achieving full physical capacity.

Our occupational physiotherapy service ranges from injury prevention to injury management and return to work provision.

Common Conditions Our Physiotherapists Treat:

  • Work related injuries
  • Provisions of return to work programs
  • Postural pains from prolonged sitting
  • Back pain from heavy lifting
  • Repetitive strain injuries

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